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  1. Well, it still won't acknowledge - discs, and still handles + discs fine. I'm wondering if maybe when I get the new firmware installed, perhaps then it will accept the - discs.

    I am 99.9999973812 % certain that in a PC the drive would be willing to burn - discs.
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  2. Hi Batchman, unfortunately the firmware won't do anything to the drive, the firmware actually skips over the drive firmware when we install PC drives in the ILO, it doesn't recognize it as it's not the original, you will need to set the region via a PC, no other way. The ILO is a "+" writer, it will never recognize "-" media or dual layer media. In a PC, no problem, your percentage is pretty much on the ball!!! It will burn whatever the drive is able to, but not in the ILO.
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  3. Well, when I put a region 1 disc in it after installing it in the ilo (The Incredibles, if anybody cares to know), it was willing to play it just fine, so I think the region thing is all right.

    And if it still won't do the - discs, I'll just have to live with it, and tell anybody who wants copies of stuff to send me + discs.

    (If anybody cares to know, I have a large collection of Disney stage shows (live entertainment at the parks) that is what I'm transferring over from VHS to DVD ... some of the other Disney fanatics I know want copies of much of the stuff!)
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    I only use DVD+R discs as they are more compatible with my players. I wish the iLo would work with DVD+R DL. The iLo has a better picture than my Panasonic DVD recorder.
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