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  1. I am learning the capabilities of AVIDEMUX but there is one basic thing I have not figured out yet. When I use the "jog/shuttle" wheel to fast forward or rewind a file, it only shows the I-frames, resulting in very discontinuous playback in files where the I-frames are separated by 10-seconds or more! The same thing happens when I use the slider on the "navigation bar." Is there a way to fast-forward or rewind through every frame (or most frames) of a video file rather than only the keyframes?
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    Use virtualdub instead ? FF/FRW via I frames is common because less effort is required top show an I-frame than any intermediate frame (all the image exists in an I-frame). If AVI Demux only does I frame only than there is nothing you can do about other than re-encode your video to uncompressed or lossless.
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  3. Thanks for letting me know that AVIDEMUX cannot show intermediate frames while fast forwarding....I thought I might have failed to find the correct setting/command. I still like the program better than virtualdub. I can fast-forward a video file (with sparse keyframes) in a separate program while simultaneously editing the file in AVIDEMUX.
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