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    When I back up a foreign movie to a feature-only SL version, I would love to have the english subtitle track (the only one I back up) automatically "on" when the disk is played. These single layer backups have no menus, and some of the more tech-challenged people in the household have trouble remembering that there's a "subtitles" button on the remote.

    I've seen plenty of commercial DVDs where one of the subtitle tracks is defaulted ON while remaining switchable, so it seems this should be a simple setting in the IFO file or something similar, but I haven't been able to find it.

    Anyone know the secret?

    I'm making the SL backups with DTOX, and i'm familiar with making minor configuration changes with MyDVDEdit. I have no interest in doing a major deconstruction and re-coding just for this convenience, and it seems like it shouldn't be necessary for defaulting a simple setting like this.
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  2. If you set up your DVD player with English as the language, and also in the subtitle section of the set up menu, subs should come on by default unless explicitly told not to by the DVD. My English subs always come on, even for English language movies.

    However, if you want to have them turned on in the DVD commands, PGCEdit is your friend. Read my two posts in this thread, and then r0lZ's comment afterward:
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