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    How do ATI AIW "Soap Video Filter" and JVC DR.... DVD recorder's chroma noise filters compare and how do they combine (if any JVC DVD recorder with good quality chroma filter has passthrough option at all)?

    Does using a JVC SVHS deck with TBC and DigiPure mean that I don't need to use those chroma noise filters from JVC DVD decks? (How do they combine?)

    Are there any other chroma noise filtering alternatives in hardware (signal) sense?

    Can the "softening effect" that TBC1000 does be at least "lightly cancelled" by using a detailer?

    Many thanks
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    Compare? They can't, not head-to-head, as they operate differently.
    VideoSoap doesn't do chroma NR.

    S-VHS VCR can't always have TBC in use on all tapes.
    And there's a benefit from two-pass chroma NR.

    The softening discussed by others on TBC-1000 is unproven to date, and varies by unit.
    If you do see it, yes, it can possibly be countered by sharpening tools.

    Be sure to follow my posts here at VH and over at The Digital FAQ (as well as others there).
    These topics have been discussed many times over the years.
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