UK here.... PAL.

Can anyone direct me to a VCR & DVD recorder combo that can definitely convert a NTSC VHS into a DVD? I've done my googling and searching on here and all seems fine, by that I mean I know converting from a NTSC VHS to a true PAL DVD with solely one of these machines won't happen, but NTSC DVD's are fine.

I have an old-ish DVD recorder connected up to a VCR which plays NTSC tapes, but the DVD recorder just won't accept the PAL 60 signal (?? I think i'm on the right track) and I can't do anything with them.

Just need to be directed to specific models as far as that goes, hopefully buying via amazon.

Other stuff I need, which from what i've seen is pretty standard on new machines, don't mean to narrow down my choices, but:
-HDMI port for upscaling.
-Supports dual layer DVD discs.
-NO storage/HDD... No big deal on this one, figured it would be cheaper but from the little searching I did it seemed a lot had them.

200-300 is hopefully what i'll be spending, i'm fine with that. Any help?