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  1. I have downloaded movies from the web but I can't get any of them to be recognized by any of the 5 different converters I have. This is my first time trying this from scratch. I want to play movies on a TV that has a DVD player built in. Is anyone available for 1 on 1 help for me? No matter what format I try and use (avi, mkv, m4v, avi) none get recognized by the converters.
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    It's not just a matter of converting a file to a different format.
    To play on most DVD players the file needs to be converted then 'authored' then burned to disc.
    Look at using a program such as DVDflick from here:-
    There's a guide to read as well.
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    AVStoDVD or DVD Flick (both free)
    ConvertXtoDVD (not free)

    All will handle most formats and will produce an authored DVD Video structure (video_ts folder with ifo, bup and VOB content) ready for burning.

    It is recommended that you burn to quality media with Imgburn (free). Just select the Video_TS folder, and Imgburn will work out the rest
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