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    I've gotten interested in listening to radio stations around the world via Internet.

    I can do this via browser, but I'd like to find a good app that just plays "radio".
    I tried general media players like VLC and MPC, but though they can play most media streams, their interfaces really suck for this.

    What I want is something that can play any kind of stream: MP3, WMA, and even Real, and has a nice interface for entering URLs and bookmarking favourites.
    Also I don't want anything that requires IE, NET or WMP to work.

    I can go to the usual software archives and find hundreds of apps listed, but it's pretty tedious to try them all to work out which are any good, and many seem to be adware.

    I'm currently using Screamer radio and Tapin (an offshoot of Screamer), which are pretty good, and have a nice selection of presets too. But neither will play Real streams. Also having problems with ASX streams, which I think require some Windows media codec I haven't installed, but that's probably solvable.

    My ideal would be something with an interface like Tapin and a backend like VLC that can play anything by itself.
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    My Synology NAS has built in Apps, Audio station apart from playing any audio on the local network also has a net radio function with a number of preset stations and you can easily add your own.
    Just an idea if you are also interested in adding a NAS to your system.
    Note: the Audio station can be accessed from anywhere on your network.
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