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  1. Hi, i was thinking of buying a WDTV box or somthing similar and was just wondering if any of you guys would give me a bit of advice on what to get.

    I have this one in mind

    also noticed this WD Box but this one is quite a bit more

    I have alot of HD files that are .MKV and .MP4 and at the moment i convert them to play through my xbox 360 from a usb hard drive and just thought this would be a handy piece of hardware to get. what you guys think? , what do you guys use and how do you view your HD media files.
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  2. The WDTV Live is a decent player. I have one and I'm generally happy with it. It does have problems with some MP4 files -- not very smooth playback. And WD's recent firmware updates have screwed up the networking for some people.
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  3. The more expensive one is the better model, Ethernet port for example.

    The WD Hub media player with it's 1Tb internal drive is even better as it lets you use two USB drives plus the internal for more storage.

    Both it and the Live modem can hook up to a network and use one or more NAS drives too.
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  4. Thanks for the advice guys, i think i will go for the latest WDTV model for £81, i will be playing from Hard drive so i hope it will be smooth play back, i will try a bunch of different media files and post on how well it plays them.
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