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    and replace it with an altered chapter? same duration and almost the same footage.
    My problem is that I made a DVD that had video and then 2 slideshows on a track of their own and I need to keep the menu exactly the way it is but cut out the first slideshow and splice in a slightly different slideshow in it's place(updated by one pic, otherwise exactly the same).
    I made a DVD and accedently erased the source files thinking that I had them on another computer but I didn't.
    So what I need to do is to rip the DVD and splice in that one segment without altering anything about the menu.
    What tools do I need and how would I do this?
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    If you search the forums you will find several posts covering this type of thing. The basic gist is demux the VOBs you want to edit back to mpeg video, edit it, remux is with muxman back to VOBs, then use VOBBlanker to put them back into the structure.
    Read my blog here.
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  3. I'd do it a little differently, if I'm understanding both you and Onceler2 correctly, guns1inger.

    Make a little DVD of the replacement chapter. Maybe you've already done that. Open the original DVD in VobBlanker and highlight the main video so it appears in the lower panel. Highlight it in the lower panel and hit the 'Cells' (Chapters) button to the right. In the new screen find the cell you want to replace, perhaps using the Prev/Cut button to preview the different chapters so you can locate the one you want. Once you've found it, highlight it and hit the 'Replace' button to the right. Scroll to your replacement chapter mini-DVD and load it. Hit 'Apply', back in the main screen give it an Output Folder, and Process. Test it out before burning to disc.
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