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    Hi all,

    first post on this forum, hopefully someone can help.

    I am having problems installing the ffxmgx program on my mac.

    All o.k until I try installing the part that requires using the terminal.

    I follow all the instructions on this page

    but when i type ruby setup.rb config

    i get this message ruby: No such file or directory -- setup.rb (LoadError)

    Any help will be appreciated much.

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    Search Comp PM has an ffmpegX forum. Perhaps a moderator can move this topic there?

    Regarding your issue:
    1/ Make sure you use the main shell window in the Terminal (not the New Command/Run Command).
    2/ Beware of spaces: each command line word should be separated by a space character. E.g. right after 'cd'.

    cd <space> <drag-and-drop folder 'flvtool2-1.0.6' here> <return>
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