My Setup
XBOX360 VGA cable -> VGA splitter -> Monitor
-> PC-TO-TV(S-Video Output) -> Easycap 2.0 usb videocapture card.->Ulead VisualStudio

easycap 2.0


I am using easycap 2.0 usb videocapturecard to record my gaming videos.
It was working fine last year but since 4 months ago when I tweak my PC-TO-TV video length or width the output becomes distorted.(widening width is fine. however shortening it or tweaking the length distorts it.)
(I can not tell if the problem is PC-TO-TV or easycap2.0 but the output screen becomes two layered like a double vision.)

Also its keeping chopping the left and bottom of the screen.
(Imagine the American flag. Bottom two stripes are missing. That's what I mean by screen being chopped.)

I have bought new PC-TO-TV and a new easycap2.0 but the result has been the same.(Maybe it's the operating system? but I have found the correct driver for easycap 2.0 for vista 32bit which is what I have.)

Can anyone tell me whats going on? I can not even tell who manufactures easycap 2.0 and it seems like I will have find a whole new system since I cant even tell which part of my set up is messed up.
Help please!