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    I have a QUESTION....when i use this it always converts the video to FLV..Is there anything similar that keeps to the original format and quality? Ie the file i downloaded with this was does state on the website "The videos will be saved as FLV or MP4 format" but never saves to mp4..i cant see any settings either to rectify this .. i have to re convert back all the time from Flv..

    thanks for any help
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  2. I don't think streamtransport has the ability to reencode or remux. If you are only getting FLV files that's what the site is sending.
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  3. Thanks jagabo for the answer..i guess im being mislead the file was *******mp4.flv i presumed it was a mp4 file before streamtransport got it..
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  4. That probably means whoever uploaded the video to the web site uploaded an mp4. But the site converted it to FLV for streaming.
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  5. StreamTransport will not convert any thing while downloading. If the original video is MP4, it will be downloaded as MP4, and if it's FLV, it will be downloaded as FLV.
    Besides, it's updated now for IE 11 and Windows 8. You can find updates on its website.
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