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  1. I'm wanting to add the English captions to a Chinese Blu RayI'm ripping using BD_Rebuilder vBD-RBV03609 (I'm using any dvd to break security on the blu ray).
    In the stream section I see where to chose the audio stream (I select Chinese) & I see where to select the subtitles but they're just not appearing in the m2ts files. I suspect the subtitle file is somewhere in the rip, I'm just not seeing it.
    What I'm trying to achive is to be able to be able to play the movie on my PS3. Now I don't know if the PS3 will read a subtitle file, so I'm thinking I need the subtitles to just appear in the m2ts file.

    Any help is appreciated....
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    Don't just play the m2ts. Put the entire blu-ray/avchd folder and you should be to play with subtitles.

    "In PlayStation 3 playback mode, press triangle button to access the options and choose subtitle options to enable them."
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  3. Yeah, that didn't work. I see that bd_rebuilder created some .sub files in the workfiles directory. I tried moving them to the same folder as the m2ts file is in (which is STREAM) & no luck. I tried ranaming the file so it's the same as the m2ts file but no dice.

    I know I don't need any other program involved since the bd_rebuilder is extracting the subtitle file for me already or do I ????
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