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  1. Hey guys, I have a Hp elite 375-a with ATI radeon HD 5570 and a HP TV Tuner PCIe Card now I believe i can plug in an antenna in the back and watch tv the computer has a antenna port at the back, Can i plug in any antenna (rabbitears ant)
    or do I have to buy a specific one? I just thought it will make any signal look good as it's a HD tuner card
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    If the TV tuner has support for analog signal.. then you can plug in any (rabbitears) antenna, but it wont make every signal look good.
    The HD in the name of the tuner just means that it can work with HD sources too.
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  3. right I just bought a 60$ digital antenna with amplifier and was gonna return it then i read chuck it in the window now i get all the freetoair channels and HD quality thanks mate for your input
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