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  1. My office just received a VCD from an affiliate in Thailand, but we can't even read the disc.
    • various PCs running Windows XP don't even think a disc has been inserted
    • a Mac running 10.6 says the disc isn't recognizable
    • a brand new PC running Windows 7 can see the top level folders (CDI EXT MPEGAV SEGMENT VCD) but can't read anything inside them. PowerDVD tried to play it but hung the system.
    The Thais do not have a fast/reliable enough internet connection to upload the movie.

    I have plenty of ways to play the video file... if I can extract it from the disc. Suggestions?
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    Try a vcd compatible dvd player? But if both a Mac OS and a Windows PCs cannot read it, I suspect the disc is damaged, or otherwise faulty. Look at the bottom of the CD for dammage..does it look washed? Warped? Discolored? Faded? Does it look like anything was written to it?
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    Try isobuster to extract the .dat file in the mpegav folder.
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