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    Hello guys
    I need help to do these:
    -what software and how to put singer from other video/background into other video/background
    -how to make same person [same person but doing different action in same time] appear more than 1 in one time [watch video below at 00:00:33]
    -how to duplicate the same person into many at the same time [ he/she doing the same action this time] [watch video below at starting]
    -how to overlay 2 different background so that it overlap each other with the same transparency ratio.

    A little more explainations are on this video clip:

    plz help me...
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    Yutube clip showing sony vegas method of rotoscoping ...they finally mention towards the end this is a frame by frame deal ... very time consuming ... link ... most bolt when mentioning that word ... but for us it's good business

    The rest is easy.
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