I am trying to convert all my miniDV files (1 hour tapes, 13 GB .avi files) to MP4 or MKV so that they will play on my popcorn.

Transfer to .avi files works fine with winDV.

I have a problem during conversion:

I tested a small 3 minute file. All went well. But when I am converting a large file of 1 hour footage (about 13 GB), the conversion stops after a few minutes. I get a "conversion successfull" message and the converted file plays fine on the popcorn but it is only the first few minutes. The rest is missing!

I tried to convert with Handbrake 0.9.4 and H264 encoder, but the same thing happens with both. And they both stop converting at the same moment!

I tried several large files but with all files the same thing happens.

What could be the problem???