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    To all experts in this forum!

    Is there anyone who has a running system like this:

    • - Windows 7 pro 64Bit
    • - Adobe Premiere CS5 Production Premium
    • - New Intensity Pro with driver 3.9.1

    I can install the driver (Control Panel is activ), BUT it requires to update the firmware everytime I boot the system.
    When I do this I get an error message and Premiere is kind of blocked (doesn't play clips) (if I cancel the updating, premiere has the same problem).
    Only if I am uninstalling the driver again, premiere works fine.
    I guess it has something to do with the updating process to 64Bit.

    Sometime Windows has a shutdown problem (hangs) with this driver too !!

    Besides: The complete installation is FRESH!

    Is this a known problem?

    Blackmagic Support advised to:

    - set the User Account Control, UAC to: never notify! - DONE

    But the problem remains!

    I had an Intensity Card on my older system (Windows XP 32Bit, CS3) and it worked fine!!

    Does someone have similar problems?? ... or an equal system running?

    Can someone help?

    Greetings Uli
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    I've just had the exact same experience. Intensity support desk blamed it on Dell. They said they don't support Dell computers because of all the problems they've been having with them. But it's obvious by reading all the posts here that their problems extend well beyond Dell. x58 chipset - no good, Win 7 64 bit - no good, and so on.

    The Intensity Pro, for a great number of users, has to be considered dead in the water at this time. BM comes out with new and improved drivers every month but so far, no luck. I would recommend not buying one of these capture cards until they can resolve their issues.

    BTW, this same card worked perfectly in an XP 32 bit PC for the past four years.
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