I have found dvd making software that works. However, the quality of the piture is vastly different from my computer to my tv. The picture quality is very crisp on my computer. I don't own an HD monitor. Just a standard CRT old one. After I burn the movie, to disk and watch it on my HD tv, the quality is even worse than on my computer which isn't HD.
So I have a few questions.
1. Does it matter what format I burn the disk in, as to how it will look when played on my DVD player in the living room?
ie DVD vs. VCD or another format?
2. I am burning the movie as is without changing it to another format(ie MP4 burns as MP4. AVI burns as AVI) does that matter with final picture quality??
3. I understand that watching a non-HD movie on my HD set will not look great, but considering that my computer monitor isn't HD, why does it look so great there, but pixelated or blurry when I view it on the DVD player??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.