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    Hi, I've been trying to install this for a while now and after going through the forums and trying to figure it out myself, I am at your mercy. Can anybody help and let me know what to do. I got myself all confused now. I'm pretty sure I have the right files but I'm guessing there is a underlying problem here.

    "##mkdir: /usr/local/lib: File exists" is what comes up when it says the installation was not successful.

    Please help, from what I have read this program seems awesome. Thanks
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    This issue has come up once before, although it stayed unresolved...
    It seems however that most users are not affected by this, so the underlying problem is likely specific to your setup.

    If you are using a user account with administrator privileges and your boot volume has correct permissions and you followed the install directions on the website, then I have no new suggestions to try and solve this at this time, unfortunately.

    Edit: The weird thing is, ffmpegX shouldn't do anything with or in /usr/local/lib -- as far as I know. Its support files are stored elsewhere. It makes me wonder: where did you download your version? And which version is that?
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