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    I have just puts my hand on avi which has been badly encode (xvid).

    That video presents typical artifacts that shows clearly that the guy who encoded forgot to deinterlace the original source.

    I suppose that it's impossible to fix it because the video is now progressive and thats the frame critically damaged but....

    Am I wrong ? (a Miracle Avs filter ?)

    By Advance, Thx for your help

    Womb4t, who crosses his fingers in hope of a stable PC.
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  2. If it wasn't resized vertically you might be able to restore it with only a little ghosting from the other field. Open it in VirtualDub and apply the Bob Doubler filter. Step through the video and watch the output pane. If it looks clean you can look at using better deinterlacers like VirtualDub's Deinterlace -> Yadif.
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