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  1. I'm slowly getting the hang of ripping my BR to WDTV format properly. With AnyDVD running I ripbot to the streams, it demuxes and then I recombine them mkv 8.5G as per the recently added guide. Still thrown for a loop on True HD BRs... another story.

    My question is: Is it possible to replace the standard x264 encoder that ripbot uses with a comparable CUDA capable app?

    I love seeing all my 6 cores at 100% but still dreaming of cutting the time down even more using the GPU.

    I realize the pitfalls of CUDA dreams but was wondering if newer mainconcept or mediacoder etc apps could be swapped in?

    Sorry, I'll probably always be a video newbie... but I'm trying.
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  2. x264 encoder will ALWAYS give you better quality than any CUDA based encoder!
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  3. An "Cuda/GPU Optimized Version" x264 Encoder would be nice.

    While GPU processing may not be perfect, an x264 encoder optimized with some GPU tweaks could speed things up without giving up quality. If quality is the number one factor - why compress at all? Terabyte drives are cheap...
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  4. according to x264 developers it is almost imposible to port all necessary parts of x86 code to cuda. At least it would require to much work.
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