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  1. Hi there,

    I have an AVI file I created with VirtualDub/AviSynth and it uses the xvid codec and AC3 audio filter. I have these on my PC so it plays fine; however, if I put the AVI on anyone else's PC they first have to download the codec and AC3 filter to play it. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me:

    - Is there a better encoding method to use that is more universal so people don't have to download these items to watch my video?


    - Is there a way to package these items with the video so that they are automatically downloaded when people go to play the video?


    - Is there a better solution altogether?

    I'm thinking it from the aspect of, if I distribute my video to people, what will enable them to view/listen to it with the least hassle without jeopardizing the good quality it is already at?

    Thanks for looking!
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  2. WMV3/WMA2 in WMV. If people don't have the codecs WMP will download them automatically.
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  3. Thanks again jagabo!!
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  4. Mac users won't be happy.
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  5. Another option is to get them to use a universal player like VLC that runs independent of system codecs or filters.

    It works cross platform (pc/mac/linux), and there is a portable version you can bundle or just give them instructions to download it
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