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  1. Hello, I need help with "Video Clock with Spy Camera DVR520" which I got yesterday unfortunately without CD-Drivers. I contacted salesman but he just say that he sell just as he got it from manufacturer. So I am looking for driver for this camera.

    I guessing it has a Syntek chipset from this: I tried to instal EasyCap Syntec 1160 Drivers Vista ( I've got windows 7 32-bit) but it didn't work.

    Also when I plugged device into usb - I got two information:
    1: mass storage device - ready to use,
    2: Syntek USB MSDC USB Device - ready to use

    I will be very welcome for ANY help, and excuse me for any misspelling, english is not first language.
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  2. Hey, I think I can help a little bit. I bought the same exact device off Ebay & it came with a CD. The driver name is "STK02N%202.4.1(20080915).exe" but unfortunately, I can't get it to work. It installs, but the camera isn't recognized.

    Under details for the file, it states the company is Macrovision Corporation. I haven't had any luck finding this company online.

    A couple of questions for you:
    (1) Are you able to actually see the light come on when you press the button for recording? I can't. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
    (2) Can you PLEASE inform me of your progress with getting this stupid thing to work? I have a devious plan for this device & I need it to work before Dec. 31st.

    Thanks a bunch. Hope to hear from you.
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    Hi there, look at this:
    The ".zip" download contains the same driver for this camera module (dvr520), but after installation of the driver, there is still one problem: I'm not able to make the cam work as a computer webcam, but maybe you'll make it, let me know if!
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  4. Tried out the STK02N 2.4.1 Driver from the website. But no change for me. Device is detected but can not be read. Hmmm strange...hope there is another driver out the for Win7
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  5. OK here is the ONLY solution I got usb spycam from dynaspy and it used win xp but i got it work on my window 7. First you download then let it scam your system and then its will let you know what driver it needed. Lot of time it will said usb2861... not read or not loaded here is the link and this will work.. thank all
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  6. These cheap Chinese novelty spy cams are all built with surplus mobile phone camera modules. Chuck Lohr has an extensive collection of information on his site. If you find a driver to match the chipset you may still need to hack the .inf file for it to recognize the camera's VID. All you need to know is on chuck's site.

    To those who got the driver installed and still can't access the camera; there's a mode button on the camera you need to push to switch it from mass storage mode to webcam mode. I'm not sure which one, but most likely it's the power button. Don't forget to switch it back to mass storage mode before you unplug the USB cable or the camera won't record.

    I would not recommend anyone use those "driver/software update programs" like the one from drivermax. As the poster said it will SCAM your PC.
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  7. To get the drivers to install I had to follow this procedure. (*Unless you have a Chinese font installed on your system you'll see a series of rectangles in front of file and/or folder names):

    1. Make a new folder on your Desktop (I named mine Clock Driver)
    2. Copy the .RAR file that starts with six rectangular boxes from the mini CD to the Clock Driver folder on your desktop. (*The name is in Chinese so if you don't have a Chinese font installed it displays the little rectangles. The file's actual name is "时间修改工具.rar" and translates to "time to change tools.rar)
    3. UnRAR the file noted in step #2. It will extract to a file called "RTCRW.exe"
    4. Copy the file "STK02N 2.4.1(20080915).exe" from the mini CD (in the folder that starts with *seven rectangles and has (pc-camera driver) after them) to the Clock Driver folder on your desktop.
    5. Run "STK02N 2.4.1(20080915).exe" and it will read the "RTCRW.exe" and install. NOTE: If you try to run "RTCRW.exe" on it's own you will get an "RTCRW: InitCapFilters Failed!!" error.
    After I got everything installed I initialized the clock camera by pressing the On/Off or "K2" button (located on the upper left as you look at the back of the clock) for about 6 seconds. The LED light located below the "6" on the clock face flashed for at least 45 seconds before it went off. I then pressed the "K2" button (located on the upper right as you look at the back of the clock) and the LED flashed once and stopped. Pressing the "K2" button again for about 6 seconds caused the LED to flash for more than 60 seconds before I pushed it again and it flashed three times and went out. I assume this is the shut-down sequence though it took forever to do so. When I attached the USB cable my Windows XP-based PC launched an Explorer window and a folder named "DCIM" was present but there were no files in it. Anyone ever get this damn thing to work?

    Hope this offers some help!
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