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  1. Hi guys,

    I was windering how to extract an HD video from sony HDR-XR550 camcorder?

    I tried to extract but I couldn't select any video using the PMB Launcher

    Hope to find help

    Thanks in advance
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  2. It is semi-solved actually

    I managed to import the videos from the camcorder to my computer using the PMB, but when I tried to edit the video it was not in HD ?!

    And when I played the video using "Media Player Classic - Homecinema" it shows waves on points of movement ? Is it because of my laptop or something about the RAM or it's just the camcorder?
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    my uncle has the same camera and the only way to import that data is thru that pmb software unfortunately....also playing those vids with MPC did the same as u mention....of course, thru the sony software it looked and played fine...maybe one day some1 will get us to the point where we can edit hd fiels as simply as we can dvd...I'm guessin thats the way they meant for it to be though

    i just ran the video thru Multiavchd and down converted it to might could also try tmpg authoring works/express as an alternative to see if it can handle those HD files
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  4. Thanks guys

    I tried to edit the videos using sony vegas pro 9 and the overall video looked fine
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