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  1. Please help!
    Anyone knows where is I can buy Capture Card Unigraf UFG-03?
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    That's an older card now. The UFG-04 and UFG-05 replaced it. You might try Ebay. Or check with a supplier like:

    Mobile Computer Systems, MCS
    Babuschkina Str. 80
    196240 St. Petersburg, a/R 521
    Contact: Mr. Bronislav Gorelik

    Tel. +7 812 327 9485
    Fax +7 812 568 3939

    The Unigraf company itself is in Finland.
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  3. Thanx, I know that Unigraf UFG-03 is old product. New generation cards UFG-04 and UFG-05 are very suitable, but cost too much.
    I agree to buy used UFG-03 or any other cards which have DVI or HDMI input and can output video stream in native RGB24 format (not compressed to YCbCr).
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    Hi all,

    I have heard an inside rumor that there are still coupler of cards available. I guess the best way is to contact Unigraf through its website. Please check also the pricing. I have understood that UFG-05 is lower price than UFG-03.
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