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  1. Hello, I wonder if someone can help me... I've added Hungarian subtitles to the the first 4 seasons of 24 following the guides found on this forum and it worked like a charm. Starting season 5, I've got stuck in VobBlanker. It seems like the DVDs have a different file structure. Instead of the separate Pgc's (episodes) in the titleset - each aprox. 00:40:00 mins and 1.6 gb - there is a 2:47x and 6.4 gb one plus the actual episodes 0 bytes in size.
    If I try to replace the episodes I get this error: CELL NOT FOUND.
    Has anyone encountered these problems? Any help, suggestions please?
    Thanks a lot.
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  2. You can't replace the individual episodes. You can only replace the single joined episode PGC of 2:47:23.18. You'll have to merge your subtitles into one file. And then you'll need to author them with the M2V, the AC3 audio, and the Celltimes.txt for the entire thing using Muxman. Only after that can you do the replace.
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    you might could try running the disc thru dvd decrypter and separate each episode, then, replace every one where it has each individual episode in VobB...then blank the 2hr 47 minute and see if it works

    i havent yet encountered a tv series i use to add subs with VobB so I'm not dead sure unless i had it right in front of me
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  4. Many thanks for both replies, I'll have a look and see which way is easier for me.
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