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  1. I have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3200 connected to a self-built DVR. When recording shows I may keep, I would like to not have the channel-change display that shows up at the beginning of the recording (while tuning the channel and for a few seconds thereafter). Is there a way to disable this feature? I went through the on-screen menu and didn't see anything that looked like a viable option.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. When I worked at SA, we used to make use of a hidden menu on the settop boxes. I cannot remember which button you pressed and held for ten seconds, but I think it was 'OK'. You might have to hold it while turning on the power, or pressing another button. Also, there might even be a hole for you to insert a paperclip. Try various combinations of that to see if you can find the hidden menu.

    Anyways, not even sure if that option will be on the hidden menu... but you never know.

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    I still have a couple of SA cable boxes sitting here from back in the day, and i seem to remember that there was a way to disable onscreen display, don't ask me how as after all this time i don't have a clue!!

    One solution would be, to turn to the channel you want to record a few seconds BEFORE the show you want to record starts and you start to record!!!

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  4. Thanks, guys. I'll see if I can find the hidden menu.

    I do add padding before and after most shows, but I have to disable padding between shows on the same channel since I only have one box (I have 2 other analog tuners). If I didn't disable the padding, I would get an error message that there is a recording conflict for back-to-back shows on a single channel coming only through the box. It just happens that I want to record back-to-back shows that are on one such channel. Hence my problem: The end of the first show/beginning of the second will likely have the channel change display within the main portion I want to keep.

    This wasn't a problem before, but my cable company recently made three lower-numbered channels available only through digital receivers. And I'm NOT giving them more money for additional receivers.

    I was also thinking that I could set a 1-hr timed record so there wouldn't be a show/channel change in the middle, but I have the shows set up as favorites. They're not on regularly so I just rely on the Favorites function to pick them up when they're on. Setting the timed record would mean I have to keep track of TV listings and actually THINK. I'd rather just put up with the annoying display.
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