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    Hi everyone -

    I am a total newbie to all this and am confused with data overload.

    I have a couple of basic questions that may have already been answered and if so pointing to a thread or two would be appreciated.

    With all the formats available how do you choose which one to use? I suspect it is based on ultimate planned usage and I would like to rip my DVD's (don't have and BR's yet) to a central server on my home network and then stream a selected video to a given TV or computer.

    Is there a "recommended" software that would do this the best? I am looking only to make archival / personal copies to preserve my investment in DVD's.


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    RJC5XTC, in the future please use a more descriptive subject title in your posts to allow others to search for similar topics. I will change yours this time. From our rules:
    Try to choose a subject that describes your topic.
    Please do not use topic subjects like Help me!!! or Problems.
    Moderator redwudz

    If you plan to rip your DVDs to your HDDs, why not just keep them in the same format, DVD? If you want to reduce size, then Xvid or Divx are good choices. Look to one of the converters in our 'Tools' section:
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