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    I do suspect OpticalDiscPert is not being completely truthful with us about who he is, especially his relationship with the brand he is suggesting here.

    When I tried to find out more about Acu-Disc, this is one of the links my search turned up: The author of this marketing blurb certainly reminds me of our self-proclaimed "expert".

    ...and I have to ask, what kind of optical disc expert would be so unfamiliar with the name "Ritek" that he would misspell it in his post?
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    Originally Posted by OpticalDiscPert View Post
    Interesting forum this, I can see why its not very popular. Like a lot of forums these days a few keyboard warriors talking the p**s out of newbies. I am just try to open conversation here and share knowledge which I have a lot off
    Well, I thought I needed some english lesson.
    *** Now that you have read me, do some other things. ***
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  3. Acu-Disk is the bst selling disc in the uk, so chances are he's peddling it for same reason. Whether that makes him an expert is doubtful, but who knows maybe he is actually in the industry, he has a massive temper so why not.

    He stands like a statue,
    Becomes part of the acu-machine.
    Feeling all the disc's
    Always playing clean.
    He burns by intuition,
    The digit counters fall.
    That deaf dumb and blind kid
    Sure burns a mean acu-disc!

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    And the tenor reveals the usual idiocy remains...
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    Well, if OpticalDiscPert sent me a free 100ct. Cakebox of DVD-Rs, I'd certainly try them out and give an honest review.

    Somehow, I don't see that as happening, though.

    ALL the true optical disc experts I have ever run across, on the net or in real life, have multiple Graduate University degrees (in Physics, Optics, Chemistry, Chem E, Computer Science, Mech E, etc) - a necessity for doing optical disc manufacturing - and have notoriously impeccable spelling (and are also forthcoming with their true credentials). Not so with ODP.
    Troll BUSTED!

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  6. Originally Posted by handyguy View Post
    You are assuming that there are going to be BR players in fifteen years? Do you know the odds of that?
    This is soooo true!
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  7. Multiple spelling errors, hissy fits like a 12-year-old, no credentials given, no-name disks, numerous insults, this is no educated person but rather a typical dumbass salesman.

    Plus, this forum is not very popular???? Putz.
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