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  1. 1. Is pseudostreaming suitable for using with long video, e.g 1 or 2 hour long video?

    2. Will the video be downloaded to Internet browser's cache?

    3. What are the disadvantages of using pseudostreaming?

    4. If a video is streamed using RTMP and Adobe Flash Media Server, does it mean that the video will not be able to be captured by viewer using streaming captured tool like StreamTransport?
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  2. Can anyone help?
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    Not an expert in pseudostreaming but here are my observations:
    1. length should not be a problem

    2. Yes, at least in my testing, the file or bits of it will be in the cache

    3. disadvantage.. you may need a dedicated server to install the script.. check with you Web host if you do not have your own dedicated server

    4. Not sure about StreamTransport.. but stream could still be captured using screen screen capture software as the video plays

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  4. Length is a problem, and it's worse with MP4 container than FLV container for some reason. The longer it is, the more latency issues during seeks. You can read about it on the flowplayer forums. You can batch remux h.264/aac/mp4 to h.264/aac/flv with ffmpeg to reduce the latency issues

    Yes, streamtransport will still capture RTMP streams
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  5. Yes, streamtransport will still capture RTMP streams

    Is there a way to prevent the video from being captured?
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  6. Not that I know of. It won't capture silverlight so you could change platforms.

    I should restate that it will download the video (unaltered), not capture. You can also use screen recorders which record in a different format
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