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    Hello all,

    I have a video project that I've gotten hung up with, so I need some help.

    I recently had some VHS media ripped and put onto a DVD in order to preserve them (not sure which format it's in). Thing is, I also want to put them up online.

    What I need to know is: how do I set this thing up so that I'm able to share it in a high quality format on sites like Youtube, Veoh, and others.

    I know that different sites have different formats, and re-encoding them for more than one site can be tricky, but I really want to do this ASAP.

    I've read on other sites that I would have to "deinterlace the video", "mask or crop the overscan", and "re-encode in the H.264 or XVID format" before sharing, but as I am a total newb at this sort of thing, I have no idea how to do any of that, so detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated.
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