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  1. i am using adobe premiere CS5 to capture old VHS tapes to record to DVD.

    i am capturing at 4:3 full screen
    video settings:
    preset: standard 48 kHz
    frame size: 720h x 480v (0.9091)

    when i export the final video and watch it, the video does not fill the available frame. when i burn it to dvd using adobe encore, i get the same results while watching the dvd on regular tubed tv and HD tv.

    it is hard to explain, which is why i have had no luck searching google for an answer. so i have attatched a screenshot in order to describe what i mean

    Click image for larger version

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    if you notice, there is black, unused space on the top and bottom edges of the exported video. this screen shot was taken while watching the video in windows media player, maximized to full screen. when i watch the dvd on a 4:3 tubed television, the image is in the middle of the screen with black edges around all the sides. when i watch it on an HD 6:9 television, it does the same thing, with the top and bottom edges not going to the edge of the available screen. when you go back to the menu on the dvd (which i created in adobe encore) the menu DOES use the entire screen and does not have this problem

    i wish to make the video take up all the available space. are there some settings i dont have set correctly? i dont mind recapturing the video if i need to

    please let me know if i am not being entirely clear on this and i can post more info

    thanks in advance!!
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    Four settings affect your result.

    1. Project setting - Should be 720x480 4:3 aspect 0.9091
    2. Import/Capture clip properties
    - Should be 720x480 4:3 aspect (0.9091) or 640x480 4:3 aspect (square pixel)
    3. MPeg2 encoder - Should be 720x480 4:3 aspect 0.9091
    4. DVD project - Should be 720x480 4:3 aspect 0.9091

    One or more of these is set to Wide 16:9.

    The side pillar bars result when 4:3 video is displayed in a 16:9 frame.

    Four bars result when the 16:9 pillar box is letterboxed into a 4:3 frame.
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  3. you are right. i see now that when i go to "sequence settings" that under video it is set to:
    frame size 720 horizontal 480 vertical 16:9

    as you can see from my screen shot, i am unable to change these options because they are grey and i cannot click to change them.

    the pixel aspect ratio is set to D1/DV NTSC Widescreen 16:9, but again, i cannot use the drop down menu to change this.

    how do i fix this? do i need to recapture? or rebuild the project?

    Click image for larger version

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  4. Oh i believe i figured it out.

    although i THOUGHT i had originally set the sequence settings to standard 4:3, i must have actually set it to widescreen

    arrrggggghhh.....dumb mistake! thanks for the help though!
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  5. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    Premiere doesn't let you change some settings and the project is in place.
    Sucks. Been there, done that.

    Be more careful next time.
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