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  1. Was going to try this app out this weekend. To stream video directly to my TV, it uses UPnP and DLNA. It's a trial app for 15 days, but the paid version is only $40. Anyone know of an free app that can do what this does?

    I have an old dell machine I use as a server and would attach my usb hd to it. Then stream it over my network where my TV can find it I hope my TV can be found in the search it performs.
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  2. You can find TVersity on this site, there is a free version and a paid version.

    I've been trying to get a working home media server setup myself and came upon it. I've got some kind of network issue though, I tried playon (also on this site) and TVersity and can't get either to work, as I said it's a lan issue for me.
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  3. Sounds like more good info. So much out there never know where to start. I found that my samsung tv can use a samsung app called share manager for free. It also finds non samsung dlna devices so you can try that one as well.
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    If you have a PlayStation3 you can try PS3 Media Server. It works.
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