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  1. Hi

    I wish to Rip some of my DVD's both homemade PAL 16:9 720 x 576 TV recorded DVD's via Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder and favourite bought DVD's.

    I want to view them on my Western digital live having stored them on my network. I have tried decoding them with Handbrake but when played back via HDMI 1080p appear as 4:3. I guess the widescreen marker that the Panasonic sees (as when it upscales I get 16:9) is not being seen? Handbrake shows the format as 4:3 before ripping how can I get around this?

    Thanks for your help

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    A "rip" is an exact copy of a disc....with NO compression. Handbrake re-encodes(compresses) the video to another video format. Please clarify what you are trying to do.
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  3. I am trying to make a .mp4 or mkv which will play as widescreen on my western digital live from DVDS I have recorded from TV (widescreen programs) Handbrake is not seeing the DVD recordings as 16:9 but 4:3 hence encodes them as such which means when played back via HDMI on the WD they appear as 4:3.

    Playing back on the DVD recorder via HDMI shows the correct 16:9 ratio.

    If I rip a shop purchased DVD Handbrake sees it as 16:9 and all is well.


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  4. Your IFOs are 16:9 but the VOBs are 4:3. Don't you have some way to tell Handbrake that you want them resized as if they're from a 16:9 source?
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  5. Try using MkvMerge to force the display aspect ratio.
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