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    I'm preparing to video stream some kids football games (must be streamed live). Looking for advice on the following, or links if these topics have already been addressed:

    - Best way to overlay score and logos on screen in real time? Any good software?

    - Ability to insert commercials on the fly? We're streaming live.

    - Looking to use the RCA output on the camera to a Firewire adapter, then into a laptop for encoding and streaming out to server. Is this the best setup? Any suggestions?
    Can't use an IP camera setup as we require a camera man to follow the action and control zoom etc, an IP cam would be too slow. We're planning on using a traditional video cam.

    Thanks for much for the input.

    - Adam
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    How much are you willing to spend?
    Wirecast is pretty good for adding in additional elements to the stream... 450 bucks
    ManyCam is free, but not nearly as robust.
    Of course you'll need to verify that either of these will work with your encoding software and your server.
    So for example, Wirecast will work with the Adobe Flash Media Server, but not the Red5 Streaming server.
    Also verify that your encoding program will recognize your incoming stream from the "adapter" before you get too far.
    If you are using Flash Media Live Encoder, it will not recognize everything so be sure to test before building a system around it.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video
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