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    Hello everyone,

    I searched the forum and Google but did not come up with results relevant to my question.

    I am starting to enjoy using registers while authoring DVDs for custom navigation. My understanding is that DVDStyler is a front-end for dvdauthor that uses registers g13 - g15 internally. Registers g0 - g12 are available to the user.

    Now I would like to create a menu on which the viewer can choose 1 by 1 the order of several titles that they would like to play. In other words, I would like the viewer to be able to create a custom playlist (of music videos).
    I have an idea how to implement this with post commands and using several registers.

    For example, there are 10 titles available to choose from. Here is my idea...

    Since there are only 10 titles, I could always use g1 for the first title, g2 for the second title, and so on. g1 would contain the value of the title number to be played first, g2 would contain the value of the title number to be played second, etc...
    The registers would be assigned their values from the menu page by post commands of buttons based on the viewer's title selection.

    I already have an idea how to use the menu to assign the register values. I don't think I will have problems with the menu itself.

    Somehow I have to keep track of the order number of the current playing title so that I know which register value to read next in order to determine which title to play next. I could probably use g0 for this purpose and it would always contain the value of the title number that is currently playing. Another possibility would be to have in g0 the value of the next title number to be played instead of the current one. Either way this should work.

    Does this seem logical to you?

    Has anybody already done anything similar? Is there a simpler way to do it?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards.

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