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    First off, I have been working with these problems for awhile so any help would be VERY much appreciated.
    I am recording my Xbox 360 with from my Toshiba Satellite using Dazzle DVC 100 and Pinnacle Software.

    1. I tried recording forever with Pinnacle in 720x480 and it would drop frames constantly, now my friend has the exact same computer as me and records fine. Also, all background problems were eliminated. In 480x480 everything is fine.

    2. I began to become restless with 480x480 do I switched to VirtualDub, I recorded in Divx compression and I got 640x480 fine with no lag, but alas no audio.

    So my question is, can anyone help solve any of these problems, most preferable the first one, but I just want good video quality.

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    Please do not cross post,one thread is enough for one subject,this thread is closed.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.

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