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    On a couple of occassions, when using these two great programs, I get this issue: I choose the correct file for the video but the audio contains what seems like audio for people with vision problems. By that I mean that there is a track with a person who seems to be describing what the screen looks like at the beginning of the movie and during certain parts of the movie. Something like: "There is a bright colorful globe with colorful light streaks eminating from the globe..................... etc." or something like, "so and so is walking down a dark road............. etc" It is like a narrative for lack of a better description.

    My question is, Is there a program I can run to check out the audio tracks to make sure that I choose the correct track? I know of programs to preview the video track, but is there such an animal for the audio portion?

    Sorry if my question seems unclear. I am relatively new to this.
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    Moving you to our blu-ray ripping/conversion section as this is not authoring.
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  3. BD to Alternate/DVD output with BDRB is movie-only. I would first extract the main movie with Clown_BD, with one (English) audio track and one (English) subtitle track. Choose the *first* track listed in each case. (I've never seen a BD disc that doesn't have the primary audio and subs listed first.) That would almost guarantee the proper result.

    If you look at the BDRB changelog, you'll see that alternate output types are fairly new and some bugs are to be expected.

    Good luck.
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