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Poll: Have you got your snow tires put on?

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    Originally Posted by LOWTECH View Post
    We do not have snow tyres in the UK...
    I would have thought they'd be quite popular in Scotland
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    Who in the UK changes tyres to suit the weather conditions..... nobody that I know...... snow is generally limited to a couple of weeks a year in most of the UK, and much of that is minimal in affecting getting around.

    Scotland is expected to have more chance of snow being north in the UK, but the south have little exposure to as much snow now and the past 10 years. In the 60s it was many weeks per year in the south, but those days have gone now. It has to be said that the lack of snow ploughs in the UK road clearing is clear and the reliance of just gritting the roads with little affect in heavy snow.

    The sale of snow tyres in the UK is minimal, people normally just leave their cars at home with more than 6 inches of snow, and buses and trains and planes stop as well.
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  3. 53.33% - lucky bustards
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