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  1. I have an flv video file which I downloaded and converted to avi, it' s identified as 640x480 by Xmedia Recode. It seems to have the black borders above and below the video as part of the actual images or frames. I've tried recoding but changing the aspect ratio and resolution pixels doesn't fix it.

    I have never encountered this before. Is there any program that can trim these off somehow? I just want the image to show on screen, even if it changes the resolution and aspect ratio.
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    Crop it. Under Crop/preview in xmedia recode.
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  3. Wow, that was quick! Great, that fixed it! I have another question about Xmedia Recode, I have used Virtual Dub to substitute part of the audio with a .wav file, how do I use Xmedia Recode to change the audio from wav to mp2? I selected mp2 in the "audio codec" part of the format tab, but the audio track tabs won't let me change anything from the original input file.

    Or do I have to convert the wav to mp2 before muxing? Most of the programs I have are for video, the only audio program I have now is Wavosaur. Should I install another program just for converting audio?
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