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    Hi all,

    My family has a bunch of old videos on VHS that are basically slide shows of family photos set to music. Since they've been stored on VHS for years now, I've taken it upon myself to finally get them converted to digital format to prevent further degradation.

    I bought a USB capture card, and I used Windows Movie Maker to get the videos in .wmv format from the VCR. I've noticed that there are a lot of bad frames (lots of grain appearing in the middle) in the videos.

    Now, I'm thinking that, since there are no real action shots (just flipping from one photo to another, with music playing), can I replace one bad frame of video with a good frame that appeared before?

    Here's an example... music is playing... photo appears for 10 seconds. 5 seconds in, grain distorts the image for a couple seconds. Can I replace those two seconds worth of footage with footage from the first few seconds?

    I'd really appreciate any advice you might have on this.

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    Start over with better software. WMM is crap.

    A better VCR may be all you need, too. Or pay a few bucks to somebody with a better VCR.
    Let them professional transfer this for you, for best quality.
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