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  1. Hi there!
    This is my first post here, so please be tolerant. Thank you.
    Yesterday me and my classmates recorded some audio clips of our voice with a Nokia C6.
    The problem is that, I can't find any useful sound/audio editor with features like "cleaning" the stream of noise and optimalise it, etc.
    This needed for a videoclip remake. Atm, I have a karaoke version of the music we need, and the audios of our voice.
    Only a good software is missing.
    If I'm not clear enough, please ask, but preferably answer :P
    Thanks in advance, Adolf

    EDIT: and it's not a problem, if I have to buy it
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  2. The free audio editor 'Audacity': should do what you need . It has a full range of effects filters to help 'clean' your audio up.
    Just don't expect too much though. If the recordings are really 'dirty', then what ever you use will only achieve so much, before it all collapses in a heap. Worth a try as it's a free program though -and it is pretty good.
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  3. Thanks for reply, but Audacity's UI is not the most user-friendly. If you have any other suggestion, I'd be glad.
    Thanks again, Adolf

    @pippas, don't worry, the Nokia C6's microphone has a low noise level, it's not a problem. However, the records have a little echo, so I want to reduce the echo, too, if possible
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    Originally Posted by Csubakka View Post
    Thanks for reply, but Audacity's UI is not the most user-friendly
    Compared to what?

    Open audio file.
    Effect / Noise removal

    Is that really so hard?

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