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  1. Hope you guys can help me!

    I have the 1.68 firmware and tried my Pioneer burner as master and slave; in both cases I get either a communication failure message, invalid block address (with Nero) or logical unit communication tiem-out (with Instant CD+DVD) when trying to burn CD-R(W).

    I also tried uninstalling my CD burner (Teac CD-W54E) unsuccessfully!

    The weird thing is that I have no problem burning DVD-R(W).

    Anyone knows the cause of this problem?
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  2. are you using low speed rated cd-rw media ( 4x ) as it will not use hi-speed ( 4x-10x) rated cd-rw media
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  3. I am indeed using 4X CD-RW. But I get the same results with CD-R's burning at 4X or 8X...
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  4. you say tried unsucessfully unistalling yout teac cd-r, that should be easy as removing it from the computer, swapping the pioneer for it ( asuuming it's master on the channel ) and rebooting back, no drivers are needed for the cdr part, ( mine didn't and I had a plextor 24x that I moved to another system ) or the DVD part , DVD-R and DVD-RW worked fine off the bat in Nero. All I can think of is that at one point you had ezcd installed and that screwed the apsi layer.. but Nero uses it own aspi layer and ( newer versions of Nero ) and does not need the aspi layer installed. I am at of Nero and it's the first app I install on both my win2k machines and both work fine without the apsi layer installed, I only install the apsi layer for the benefit of Clone cd as Nero will do bin/cue files natively ( has done so for quite some time ).
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  5. one last thing, check for heat build up, I found since I left this computer up and running 24/7 the pioneer would get hot and thus fail on a burn, cd-r, cd-rw or dvd-r,dvd-rw, or even refuse to recognized any blank recordable media, my solution in my case ( since it a min atx ) was to get a heat sink / fan cooler that mounts directly below my a03 and has 2 fan that blow air across the heatsink, this has solved my cooling problems on my a03 and now i do not get failed burns at 80% ( where most of them were occuring or so ). The odd thing is I have an older tower with a scsi dvd-ram drive recordable and it too suffered from the same fate, it just been a while since i remembered that problem and applied the fix to my a03.
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  6. I didn't express myself correctly about uninstalling my cd-r burner. What I meant whas that I di uninstall it, but the result was unsuccessfull... it didn't change anything.

    About a possible heat problem, I don't know. Why would I able to burn dvd-r and not cd-r if I had heating problems?

    Other suggestions? Anyone?
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  7. One other precision: I never installed Easy Cd Creator on my computer.
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