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  1. I've been looking for days for a direct and simple solution to provide a sample (about 500 Mb) of an IMG video file for analysis from a large (over 4 Gb) IMG video file that I already have. I've read a lot of posts and have tried many software, but so far Iíve been unsuccessful.

    From what I can tell about that video file when I looked inside it through Winrar, that itís just an ordinary DVD. It's composed of 2 folders (VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS), so therefore itís just an (*.img) of a compliant DVD.
    Please: I'd like to know if there a simple processing method, with the help of ANY trial or commercially available software, but without me first having to perform ANY sort of file format conversion, to just simply obtain a piece of that *.img file?

    Thank you in advance for offering your knowledgeable / expert insight.
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  2. If WinRar can look inside the file, just extract the files to the hard drive and, if it is a compliant DVD, then open with DVDShrink. Use the reauthor mode to get the segment that is needed.
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    DVDShrink - reauthor - output as an image - done.
    Plenty of guides available.
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  4. I just read your postS.
    Your solution sounds simple enough... I'll do that - thanks again!
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