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    Is using VirtualDub 64bit significantly faster than 32 bit ?
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  2. No. A few percent.
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    For me it was a little different. My SATA drives were able to sustain read/writes about +40%. Reads went from 50-60MB/s to 90-100Mbs(*). Writes from 30-40 to 50-60MB/s. For file transfer between drives, it made a noticeable difference.

    So anything that was i/o bound saw significant difference, CPU probably saw an extra 5%. Doing something like a NullTransform (a simple crop) was much faster. Once you start adding filters and things become more CPU intensive, the less advantage you'll see.

    For memory intensive operations, you should also see a significant difference. If compiled correctly and able to take advantage of 64-bit memory operations, applications should be should be faster as well(+).

    In general, 64-bit computing is very new to Windows compared to Unix variations that have been around 20+years. You just have to find the ones that take advantage of it. I'd also be willing to bet, just a gut feeling, that most applications would rather try to take advantage of multiple cores/CPUs for a bigger bang for the buck.

    * = Initial read/writes before the buffers filled were more than 100%. But that only lasts a few seconds or so. For instance my reads start at 120-130MB/s then slide to a sustained 90-100.

    + = That's a big if. Many programs kept their 32-bit logic but compiled with a 64-compiler.
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