So help please since i dont understand how to do this. I have both dvdshrink and clonedvd2. In dvdshrink if i have a movei i want to rip into iso file, when it goes thru the analysis part of it, you can see if it needs to be shrunken or not, it it does not need to be shrunken, you can set video compression to no compression and now you have a real 1 to 1 full copy. Ok how so you do that on clonedvd2? I'm confused how can you tell it does not need to be shrunken. When choosing in clonedvd2 (clone a dvd including all titles and menus) and of course make sure you have preserve menus box checked, how to tell if you can just create full backup without choosing DVD-5? Hope i'm not confusing anyone. Do i need to switch the button from DVD-5 to DVD+/-R DL, or can i just leave the setting as DVD-5 and clonedvd2 will no not to shrink automatically. Thanks again all.