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  1. Hey,
    I have an MP4 video with sound. I demux it with YAMB or My MP4Box GUI and get a .h264 and .acc streams.
    The original video plays great.

    I then take YAMB or My MP4Box GUI to mux these two streams back to MP4 container and i get slightly smaller file size (a matter of a few bytes or so) and the destination video is now showing to be few minutes longer than it was (remember, i didn't change anything, just demuxed and remuxed the same streams), also, the video is seeming to replay some of the frames (to compensate the increased duration) all the time, so it's nearly impossible to watch.

    Why is that happening, and how can i get to work like it should?

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  2. try updating mp4box.exe

    download the version from here, rename it to mp4box.exe and replace the existing exe (backup the old .exe if you want - e.g. put in a new folder)
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  3. Thank you, but it didn't help, the result was still the same
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  4. was it variable frame rate ? if so, you need to mux with timecodes

    why did you demux it ?

    what does mediainfo say about the original file (if you still have it)? (view=>text)
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