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  1. hello. my friend does professional racing for a team. he wants to stream live video on the web of him racing. what equipmnet is needed to do this. he wants to use wierless cameras to stream the video. what are the best quality lowest price wierless cameras that will be good for streaming all three cameras at the same time?popular today. Casino accepts card level, not lower than Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard. For security, some players use virtual versions of these cards, which are specially
    only to make payments through the Internet. Send these cards is much easier in any bank. Usually, when funding the account with a bank card online casino managers associated with the player on the phone to confirm his desire to play. On how quickly Managers casino depends texas-poker-hold-em
    the rate of replenishment of the game account. Most online casinos use the services of intermediaries, because not all banks are willing to work with online casinos. Bank Transfer For bank transfer speed is not the first place, but, nevertheless, the popularity of the types of amateurpoker
    among the players is high. Bank Transfer Any person can do in the near bank, for example in the Savings Bank. Translation takes 5-10 business days. Bank fee will be approximately 3-5 percent of the translation. OSMP Joint System enables instant payments to replenish their accounts at an online casino cash. Automatic OSMP is in almost every town: shops, supermarkets and on the street. Recharge pokerfamilly
    OSMP usually follows. The player indicates the number of R-purse online casino in the payment system Webmoney, and lowers the right amount of bills in the bill acceptor automaton. Then you need to take the check and inform the customer support online casino control information from him. The Commission does not exceed 5 percent. Translation takes no more than 24 hours. Receive gain through OSMP not. This is not all ways to replenish the game score in the Internet casino, but they are the most convenient
    pokeroxx popular. But even if you use a payment system that does not support Internet casino, you can always exchange money at an exchange office, after opening the account, for example, in system Webmoney. This can be done free of charge. All popular Internet casino support this payment system. With every new game account in the casino the player poker-fforum

    be credited bonuses, which can be as well for the money to play online casino.
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  2. wireless cameras? you could get some ip webcams, but decent normal video cams are not wireless. in-car wireless race video is normally sent up to a helicopter and then bounced down to a video truck and then sent out via satellite. all other race footage is sent over cables to the video truck.
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