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  1. Hello!

    Dear friends!

    I am trying to send the video signal from my Laptop to CRT TV (1 antenna jack and Color jacks are connected)

    I bought the VGA to Composite Cable :

    My laptop is Fujitsu V6535

    Processor:Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200
    Graphics Adapter: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 4500MHD
    Display: 15.4 inch, 16:10, 1280x800 pixels, glossy: yes

    my video card has TV-out?
    If so, what option(s) I have to get the video signal from Laptop sent to the TV?
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    Welcome a_2008

    Those things are junk and far too many forum posts to count where someone's bought one and it dosen't work.

    There are too many pins to convert from the vga side without some form of pre-processing taking place .

    Take a look at this device ... it's what you should be using
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  3. Those cables do not convert a VGA signal to a composite/s-video signal. They are designed for devices that already output composite or s-video signal at a D15 VGA port. No current computer graphics card does that. Bjs is correct, if your laptop doesn't have an s-video or composite output already, you will need an active conversion device. And keep in mind the picture quality will be a fuzzy ~640x480. Much like the image in this post:
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